Traditions of the Gymnasium

We hold a huge variety of annual events that have now become traditional at our school:

  1. National Maironiečių festival of bards and artistic reading;
  2. The day of languages
  3. Advent dinner;
  4. Cleaning Campaign;
  5. Poppy Day;
  6. 100 days celebration  for the first formers;
  7. 100 days celebration for the school-leavers;
  8. National Natural Sciences Conference „Environmental Development“;
  9. International Mathematics Contest „Kengūra“;
  10. Campaign „Be visible on the road“;
  11. Projects for gifted children and the youth:
    a) „Creative Workshops“ in 2007;
    b) „In Search of the National Identity“ in 2008;
    c)  “Outsatnding people in your family“ in 2008;
    d) Plein-air of young philologists „Glow“ in 2009;
    e) Partners in the project „The Road to Yourself“ in 2010;
  12. Public holiday celebrations;
  13. Easter festival held on the second Sunday after Easter by the Orchestra Jovaras for the community.
  14. The last bell  celebration;
  15. Creative camp “Sudeikiai”.