Vision and mission

Our gymnasium is a safe and comfortable oasis dedicated to the main goal of educating talente students.

This aim is achieved due to the fact that the team of teachers work effectively and in harmony, they feel deep responsibility for their work and ensure

that the school fosters open-minded citizen of Lithuania,

that the school is able to fulfil educational, self-expression and cognitive needs of its students and helps pupils to acquire general academic, social, moral, ethnic, civil maturity.

Vilnius Žemynos gymnasium is a public educational institution based on democratic principles that provide high-quality basic and secondary education for the residents of Pasilaiciu, Seskines and surrounding neighborhoods. The school is also engaged in non-formal education, the formation of a creative, pro-active personality, who is able to communicate and collaborate successfully.

Traditions of the Gymnasium

We hold a huge variety of annual events that have now become traditional at our school:

  1. National Maironiečių festival of bards and artistic reading;
  2. The day of languages
  3. Advent dinner;
  4. Cleaning Campaign;
  5. Poppy Day;
  6. 100 days celebration  for the first formers;
  7. 100 days celebration for the school-leavers;
  8. National Natural Sciences Conference „Environmental Development“;
  9. International Mathematics Contest „Kengūra“;
  10. Campaign „Be visible on the road“;
  11. Projects for gifted children and the youth:

a)      „Creative Workshops“ in 2007;
b)      „In Search of the National Identity“ in 2008;
c)      “Outsatnding people in your family“ in 2008;
d)      Plein-air of young philologists „Glow“ in 2009;
e)      Partners in the project „The Road to Yourself“ in 2010;

12. Public holiday celebrations;
13. Easter festival held on the second Sunday after Easter by the Orchestra Jovaras for the community.
14.The last bell  celebration;
15.Creative camp “Sudeikiai”;

History of the Gymnasium

59th secondary school was opened  on 1 July, 1987. 
The name „ Žemynos“ was given in 1993.
Gymnasium status was awarded in 1997.

Žemynos Gymnasium is an educational institution providing general basic and secondary education and giving an opportunity to study under the programme of secondary education. The Gymnasium is a two-step purified four-year educational institution.

The subject choice system in the Gymnasium is dedicated to developing mathematical, linguistic, social, economic, communication, information, art, sports and creative skills.

For deeper learning and covering the gaps of knowledge, additional modules are offered: Lithuanian, Foreign Languages, Mathematics, Information Technology, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Geography and others.

In addition, you can choose to study a third foreign language (Japanese, Italian, French, Turkish, German, Russian) and modules of drawing, design and programming.

There are some non-formal education circles in the gymnasium. They are as follows: Business, Sports clubs, Arts, Dance, Choir, brass orchestra Jovaras, Theater, Design, Gymnasium Chroniclers, Young Philologists, Environment Protection, Information Technology, Foreign Languages, Athletics, Aerobics, Basketball, Volleyball , Football, Chess and Badminton.

 Number of pupils, class sets and teachers in 2010/2011:

For 2010-2011 m Vilnius Žemynos gymnasium formed 28 sets of classes, enrolling 783 students.

Year I – 7
Year  II – 8
Year III – 6
Year IV – 7

There are 77 teachers, including 18 Masters, 2 studying for a Doctoral degree and 3 studying for a Master‘s degree.

Gymnasium employs 11 expert teachers, 27 teachers-methodologists, 29 senior teachers and 10 teachers.